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Emergency Medicine Approach To Trauma (an AIEM Advanced Trauma course)

Welcome to the EMATT course, a comprehensive trauma course designed to get you thinking and interacting in the trauma environment as part of a bigger team, or sometimes even as the only member of a team with a severely injured trauma patient. The focus of this course is evidence-based practice, the team approach and PATIENT safety!

We hope that at the end of the training you will be up to date with the latest thoughts and practices in Trauma Care in SOUTH AFRICA, with a focus on the care of the trauma patient whichever situation you might find yourself. Although this course is built for the hospital environment primarily, the concepts and processes taught will carry over to the rural, clinic, prehospital and larger trauma facilities.

Another aim of this course is to meet the needs of the provider wherever they happen to work, so that the best possible care can be delivered to the patient in front of them. To this end, the content and simulations will make provision for the advanced care setting as well as the resource limited setting, with special “pause and reflect” moments to ensure that your practice is considered in all environments.

Welcome on this EMATT journey with us, we hope you enjoy the online interaction, and later, the practical time you will spend with the AIEM Team.