AIEM Lightning Round: Ketamine for sedation of Agitation in the ED

The study: Rapid Agitation control with Ketamine in the Emergency Department: A Blinded, Randomised Control Trial. Barbic, D., Andolfatto, G., Grunau, B.

What qualities do I need to be a “good paramedic”?

1. Good CommunicatorA paramedic who is able to communicate effectively in high-stress environments is a “good paramedic”. This is the first thing

Adjuntive therapy for ACS explained

We spend a lot of time talking about when to use fibrinolytic therapy for the ACS patient and when to refer the

Ventilating Obstructed Lungs

This post builds on the post linked here. Where the linked post discusses the ventilation of a patient who presents in the

Pressure vs Volume Controlled Ventilation (what on earth do these mean)

Figuring out a mechanical ventilator, and understanding the basic modes of ventilation can be a difficult task. At the end of this

How to PPE Safely – COVID-19 Recommendations

PPE Personal Protective Equipment and their proper use will assist in protection against the COVID-19 and exposure to the virus for healthcare

Guidelines for the management of the deceased – COVID-19

This post will deal with the role of the Emergency Medical provider in the management of the deceased patient who is either

Ventilation for the COVID-19 Patient (for EM)

Warning: This is a Minefield There seems to be a trend in the management of the COVID-19 patient away from the instant

Resuscitation of the COVID-19 Patient

Much of the information presented here is adapted from the American Heart Association Guidelines for the management of the COVID-19 patient in

EM Approach to COVID Airway Management

Airway management in the patient who presents with respiratory failure due to COVID-19 is a challenge. The risk of exposing the airway