AIEM currently operates paramedic-based clinics at some of South Africa’s premier entertainment venues and has been involved with the establishment and management of various remote medical clinics. Our expert teams will design, implement, equip, operate and manage these clinics from start to finish or provide any of these elements as requested by the client. With the support of 26 emergency departments nationally, 24 hour on-call doctors, telehealth, ambulances and aeromedical resource partners, the AIEM Clinical Services team can provide an effortless and seamless journey for the patient from the moment treatment is initiated until the patient is discharged.

Dedicated Site Manager

The value of a single point of contact in emergencies cannot be over stated. For this reason, our solution includes a dedicated Site Manager, a medical professional versed in Health and Safety requirements, based at the Client’s site to attend to the queries of the Management team.

Medical Incident Commander

A Medical Incident Commander is available 24 hours per day to assist with major incidents affecting the client’s. Our commanders have many years of experience in the emergency services as well as the response to major incidents. We further require that our Medical Incident Commanders attend the Major Incident Medical Management and Support training.

Real time incident reporting

Our entire operation uses a real time reporting system to ensure information is quickly communicated to those stakeholders who need it whilst maintaining strict confidentiality for the patient.