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First Aid Course – Advanced First Aid (AIEM Accredited)


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his is an upgrade for the basic first aid course. It is excellent for people that are exposed to dangerous and hazardous environments or that are more than a few hours from their nearest hospital.


Business and industry employees or individuals who want or need more than just the basic first aid


Basic care for injuries or sudden illnesses until advanced medical care can take over. Handling emergency situations; basic disease transmission precautions; recognizing and caring for bleeding, wounds, sudden illness; and immobilizing muscle, bone and joint injuries.

Training Aids

– Adult CPR manikins
– Spinal immobilisation equipment
– All medical consumables
– Various types of bandages, splints, gloves, CPR devices etc.

Course Content

– Principles and First Aid and Safety
– Basic Anatomy and Physiology
– Emergency Scene Management
– Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
– Choking and Airway Obstruction
– Assessment of a Patient
– Shock
– Injury Emergencies
– Dressing and Bandages, Burns
– Head and Spinal Injuries
– Heart Attacks, Strokes, Diabetes
– Unconsciousness and Fainting
– Convulsions and Epilepsy
– Basic Contents of a First Aid Kit
– HIV/AIDS, Cholera / TB
– First Aid Kit & Contents
–  Eye, Ear and Hand Injuries

Course Certification: AIEM Accredited: renewal period suggested: 2 years

Course Duration: 5 Days

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Book 10 students for my organisation now (Dates to be confirmed on booking)


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