Neonatal Emergency Resuscitation and Stabilisation Course (NERS)

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Neonatal Emergency Resuscitation and Stabilisation Course (NERS)

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Are you a medical professional (EMS, or Emergency Department nurse or doctor) or a healthcare provider who will benefit from understanding neonatal resuscitation?

You can secure your spot in this comprehensive one-day course.

Limited spaces available

Duration: 1 Day

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Product Description

This is a one-day course focusing on the application of knowledge through team-based simulations for the assessment and management of neonates in the emergency setting, through the delivery room, emergency department and prehospital setting as well as the NICU.

Aligned to the 2015 AHA Guideline update for CPR and ECC, and the European Resuscitation Council Guideline for Neonatal resuscitation, this course covers the resuscitation of the neonate in the first 30 days of life as well as some of the common presentations of the neonate once discharged from the hospital.

Online pre-course reading is available in the form of an E-Book published as an open access resource through Pressbooks®, this online resource is updated as and when new information or research becomes available.


The course provides training for:

  • Healthcare providers whose occupation or volunteer activities require an understanding of resuscitation of the neonate or interact with the sick neonate in any setting
  • Professionals in the field of emergency care (EMS, Emergency Department practitioners, nurses and doctors)

Course Content

The unique neonate

    • Life on the inside
    • Making the switch
    • Life outside

The premature neonate

    • Special considerations

Immediate Resuscitation of the New-born

    • Steps in the resuscitation of the new-born
      • inverted triangle
      • step by step approach
    • Stimulation and oxygenation
    • BVM ventilation
    • Airway management
    • Chest compressions
    • IV access
    • Medication administration and calculations
    • Special Circumstances

Resuscitation of the neonate outside of the delivery room

    • Improvisation and priorities

Common neonatal presentations to the ED and possible differential diagnoses

    • The cyanosed neonate
    • The floppy/lethargic neonate
    • The vomiting neonate

Communication with the parents and team

    • Dealing with death
    • Team dynamics and patient safety


Skills based, and simulation based practical course
Practical ‘wet lab’ skills stations with advanced equipment
Limited to 8 participants per course (or 8 students per instructor)

Course Completion Card or Certificate

Students who successfully complete the NERS Course will receive an AIEM Certificate of Completion and CPD certificate.

CEU: 16

Course Duration: 1 Day


AIEM Terms and conditions apply, to access these please click the link to the right https://www.aiem.co.za/shop/terms-and-conditions/

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14 January 2022 JHB, 23 November 2021 AMS Cape Town, 25 February 2022 JHB, 25 March 2022 JHB


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