AIEM First Aid Training

  • Courses are AIEM certified but not SETA accredited unless required by client
  • Same standard as the old level 1-3 courses (with the advances in first aid covered)
  • AIEM certificate
  • Validity 2 years
  • Two-day basic first aid course with practical components
  • Theory testing requirements
  • Skills testing stations
  • Access to American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR Course (for this international accreditation, the course cost obviously increases as it carries an internationally approved manual and course certificate)

SETA First Aid Training​

  • SETA accredited First aid training -BASIC and ADVANCED
  • Time requirements for the BASIC First Aid unit standard:3 classroom days / 50 notional hours / Portfolio of evidence
  • Time requirements for the ADVANCED First Aid unit standard:5 classroom days / 80 notional hours / Portfolio of evidence
  • Learning on the course is much the same, however, time requirement is intense
  • 10% (1-100)
  • Useful for the student to access credits in the case of recognition of prior learning in the future
  • Adds nothing in terms of the practical ability to complete the skills

Both courses offered by AIEM

Scholar Objectives

  • Safety awareness
  • Emergency recognition
  • Equip scholars with skills
  • Confidence to act during an emergency
  • Life-saving skills appropriate to age group

First Aid Levels to Choose From

  • Basic First Aid (2 Days) 
  • Advanced First Aid (4 Days)
  • Wilderness First Aid (5 Days) 

Course includes

  • Scholar First Aid Manual
  • 40 minutes sessions
  • Illustrated worksheet (human anatomy/terminology)
  • Theoretical Learning & Practical Components
  • Scholars Required to Demonstrate understanding of 8 Modules and Engage in Practical Assessments
  • “Build your own First Aid Kit” – Scholars will receive a new piece every session to add to their kit
  • Certificate of Completion and First Aid Guru Badge


Optional Extras

  • Telemedicine Support
    • 24/7 support by doctors providing guidance in emergencies or medical concerns (subscription-basis)
  • Medical Cover
    • Events or sports days support by experienced professional medical staff
  • Simulation Days
    • Ongoing practical interactions ensuring skills remain current (subscription-based)

    • Deliberate practice skill sessions to ensure ongoing skills mastery

* Pricing based on specific requirements

Benefits to your school

  • Scholars with a fundamental understanding of first aid and confidence to apply it
  • Ongoing support and guidance from AIEM
  • Cementing potential career pathways
  • Access to telemedicine support service (add-on)
Teachers are required to either do the AIEM First Aid course or the SETA First Aid.