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My instructor provided help during my skills practice session & answered all questions before my skills test
My instructor was professional and courteous to the students
The course learning objectives were clear & content was presented clearly
The equipment was clean and in good working condition
The overall difficulty of the course was
The quality of audio-visual and written materials was
The course prepared me to successfully pass the skills session
I am confident I can use the skills the course taught me

I will respond in an emergency because of the skills I learned in this course

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Overall this activity met my expectations
The program content was relevant to my professional work
The program extended my knowledge
The duration and timing was appropriate
The teaching format was appropriate for the subject matter and enhanced my learning experience
This course/activity was good value for money
The venue was conducive to learning
I would recommend this course/activity to my colleagues
Integrated applied examples illustrated real-world context
What would you like to see in future courses?
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