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Disjointed – a quick update on shoulder dislocations

Dislocation Diagnosis Approach Glenohumeral joint dislocations are the most commonly dislocated major joint in the body. Predisposed by a lack of intrinsic bony stability (the joint is very shallow) together with a wide range of motion. Anterior dislocations by far the most common type. Mechanism might help [...]

3rd Jun 2022|

AIEM Clinical Podcast: PAIN!

Our latest podcast is out and can be streamed here! Pain. The most common presenting complaint in emergency departments.1 Considered the 5th vital sign, it’s the bread and butter of all clinical assessments. Whether in the ED, ICU, or the prehospital environment, pain management falls under all practitioners’ scope of [...]

10th Mar 2022|

AIEM Lightning Round: Ketamine for sedation of Agitation in the ED

The study: Rapid Agitation control with Ketamine in the Emergency Department: A Blinded, Randomised Control Trial. Barbic, D., Andolfatto, G., Grunau, B. Scheuermeyer, F., Macewan, B., Qian, H., Wong, H., Barbic, S. and Honer, W. 2021. Annals of Emergency Medicine. Article in the press. Available online: https://trialsjournal.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13063-018-2992-x [accessed 9 August [...]

11th Aug 2021|

What qualities do I need to be a “good paramedic”?

1. Good CommunicatorA paramedic who is able to communicate effectively in high-stress environments is a “good paramedic”. This is the first thing that flies out of the window when people are faced with stressful, life and death situations. Being able to manage your own expectations and communicate effectively in these [...]

24th Jul 2020|

Adjuntive therapy for ACS explained

We spend a lot of time talking about when to use fibrinolytic therapy for the ACS patient and when to refer the patient to cath-lab when we have this available, but we really don’t spend a lot of time covering the adjunctive therapy that should be considered for the AMI [...]

11th Jun 2020|

Ventilating Obstructed Lungs

This post builds on the post linked here. Where the linked post discusses the ventilation of a patient who presents in the emergency setting, in need of lung protective ventilation, and safe parameters to avoid injury to the lung and possible ARDS, this post will cover the slightly more challenging [...]

28th May 2020|

Pressure vs Volume Controlled Ventilation (what on earth do these mean)

Figuring out a mechanical ventilator, and understanding the basic modes of ventilation can be a difficult task. At the end of this brief summary, you should have a better understanding of what is meant by the some of the different terms used when ventilating a patient mechanically, and you should [...]

19th May 2020|




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