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Guidelines for the management of the deceased – COVID-19

This post will deal with the role of the Emergency Medical provider in the management of the deceased patient who is either positive for COVID-19, or is suspected of having the infection (in the case where the patient was not able to be tested prior to their demise).There are government [...]

6th May 2020|

Ventilation for the COVID-19 Patient (for EM)

Warning: This is a Minefield There seems to be a trend in the management of the COVID-19 patient away from the instant decision to intubate and ventilate, and more towards maximizing the support of these patients with other modalities (depending on access to PPE and safe work environments where things [...]

30th Apr 2020|

Resuscitation of the COVID-19 Patient

Much of the information presented here is adapted from the American Heart Association Guidelines for the management of the COVID-19 patient in cardiac arrest. The links and resources used can be found here: https://cpr.heart.org/en/resources/coronavirus-covid19-resources-for-cpr-trainingUsually when we are dealing with a resuscitation, we don’t consider wearing ALL the PPE, it’s so easy [...]

8th Apr 2020|

EM Approach to COVID Airway Management

Airway management in the patient who presents with respiratory failure due to COVID-19 is a challenge. The risk of exposing the airway technician and assistants to the virus remains high. This post will outline the most important steps to ensure protection of the airway clinician as well as protection of [...]

2nd Apr 2020|

Ventilation 101 – The Basics of Ventilation for Everyone

Quick access resources: These settings can be used for almost any patient as a baseline set up, there are some exceptions (such as the patient with obstruction pathology and those with COVID-19 who are not coping with the basic settings). Patients who do not fit into “baseline” or starting ventilation [...]

27th Mar 2020|


This post was originally posted on www.joziem.com : https://joziem.com/2017/03/22/you-want-me-to-what/ You want me to WHAT? How to be a reflective teacher  “…when making meaning becomes learning…” Jack Mezirow (1990) David Schön cultivated the notion of reflective practice in 1983 and described it as “the ability to reflect on one’s actions so as to [...]

11th Jul 2018|




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